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To be a World-Class Institution built on a foundation of Responsible & Memorable Hospitality


Our mission is to harmonize people, planet, and profit within a new model of responsible hospitality – one where exceptional experiences are delivered with warmth and where business growth acts as an engine for wider good.


TLE Values (STORIs): At Tamara, our Core Values guide, motivate, and inspire us as we bring our vision to life. The Core Values describe how we do what we do. They are the very essence of Tamara.

Service from the Heart

We believe in understanding and exceeding the expectations of customers, employees, and partners during every encounter.

We are Exceptional

Team Work

We collaborate in order to harness the intelligence, creativity, and efforts of all team-members for best results. We take ownership of our work and value and respect each other’s contributions and growth within the organization.

We are Strong Together

Ongoing Improvement

We measure, innovate, and utilize best practices to continuously improve the quality of our products, services, and processes.

We strive to be Better

Responsible to Society

We are a responsible business, which contributes positively to the economy and our community. We minimize environmental impact in everything that we do.  We are compliant with the laws of the land and stay true to our own guiding values

We are Respectable


We treat everyone with dignity and respect at all times. We promise only what we can deliver and are honest and fair in all interactions.

We are Honorable


Ms. Shruti Shibulal

Ms. Shruti Shibulal

Chief Executive Officer

SD Shibulal

SD Shibulal


Mr. N Mahesh

Mr. N Mahesh

Director & Architect

In Remembrance

Senthil Kumar N

Senthil Kumar N

Former CEO & Director