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At Tamara Resorts, we believe that our greatest asset is our dedicated team. We are a dynamic and innovative company that values passion, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence. If you’re looking for a rewarding career in the hospitality industry, you’ve come to the right place.

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For Bangalore- Corporate office

Senior Executive - Quality : (Job ID: 3784)

Senior Executive – Quality will closely work with projects/operations and quality team in ensuring 100% compliance to the Quality management system.  

  • QMS Development and Implementation :
  • A detailed understanding of ISO 9001 implementation and certification requirement.
  • To ensure all relevant processes and policies related to ISO 9000 are defined and documented.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain a comprehensive Quality Management System plan and also drive the change control management across the unit as per ISO 9001
  • To ensure monthly Quality analysis to be conducted for Unit and action to be taken to close the point being raised during analysis.
  • Conduct regular quality audits of different departments, to identify areas for improvement.
  • Ensure Risk identification, action planning and tracking for respective Unit
  • Ensure Quarterly management review of Quality for the unit is organized. Action items are tracked and taken to closure Training and Development:
  • Coordinate and provide training sessions for Engineering staff to ensure they understand and follow quality Policy and guidelines
  • Work with department heads to identify training needs and develop training programs accordingly with respect to QMS. Guest Satisfaction:
  • Analyze guest feedback and reviews to identify trends and areas for improvement.
  • Customer satisfaction feedback mechanisms are established and monitored with the help of L&D ; regular data analysis is done; corrective and preventive action items are taken to closure. Process Improvement:
  • Identify inefficiencies and areas of improvement within the Engineering processes and project execution. • Work closely with department heads to ensure continual improvements is done and suitable improvement initiatives are mobilized to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of operations. Compliance and Standards:
  • Ensure the all relevant industry regulations and standards for the construction.
  • Stay up-to-date with changes in regulations and make necessary adjustments to the QMS. Supplier and Vendor Management:
  • Evaluate and monitor the performance of suppliers and vendors to ensure they meet quality standards.
  • Collaborate with procurement teams to select high-quality suppliers. Data Analysis and Reporting:
  • Coordinate in preparing QMS audit plan for the Unit with Head Quality
  • Collect, analyze, and interpret data related to quality and performance metrics.
  • Prepare regular reports for senior management detailing the effectiveness of the QMS and areas for improvement.
  • Coordinate with Quality Head in finalizing Quality objectives and Quality Goals, in line with the company strategies, current process performance, benchmarking objectives and envisaged risks.
  • Coordinate with Head of projects and Head Quality while making Quality budgeting for the Projects. Collaboration:
  • Work closely with department heads and staff to foster a culture of quality and continuous improvement. • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to implement quality-related projects and initiatives. Crisis Management:
  • Act as a point of contact for quality-related emergencies and critical incidents.
  • Develop and execute action plans to mitigate quality-related crises. Benchmarking and Best Practices:
  • Stay informed about industry trends, benchmarks, and best practices in quality management.
  • Implement relevant best practices to enhance the Construction quality standards.
Content Strategist : (Job ID: 2629)

As a content manager, you’ll be pivotal in formulating and implementing our content strategy across digital and print platforms, ensuring alignment with our company’s vision and resonance with our target audience. 

  • Develop and implement a comprehensive content strategy in line with the company’s objectives, target audience, and brand guidelines.
  • Drive brand awareness, engagement, and lead generation through strategic content marketing initiatives. • Create compelling, high-quality content for various platforms, including websites, blogs, social media, and email campaigns.
  • Optimize content for SEO and maintain consistent brand messaging and tone of voice.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to gather information and create content supporting marketing initiatives, product launches, and thought leadership.
  • Establish and manage an editorial calendar for timely content delivery across digital platforms.
  • Research industry trends, market insights, and competitor analysis to inform content development and identify opportunities.
  • Ensure the publication of engaging and SEO-friendly content, encompassing articles, blog posts, website copy, social media updates, and email newsletters.
  • Collaborate with designers, videographers, and other stakeholders to oversee the creation of visually appealing and multimedia-rich assets.
  • Monitor and analyze content performance metrics, such as website traffic, engagement rates, and conversions, making data-driven recommendations for optimization.
  • Maintain brand consistency and adhere to the company’s style guide and voice across all content deliverables.
  • Manage and organize content repositories, including content management systems (CMS), to ensure easy accessibility for future use.
  • Stay abreast of industry best practices, emerging trends, and evolving content formats to continually enhance content marketing initiatives. Requirements:
  • Master’s degree in marketing, communication, journalism or a related field.
  • Knowledge of content marketing trends, audience segmentation and persona development.
  • Experience in content strategy development and implementation.
  • A minimum of 4-5 years’ experience in communications strategy development (essential).
  • Proven social media and networking expertise.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Expertise in communication tools along with MS tools
  • A creative and strategic approach to work
  • Has an eye for detail, work wells under pressure, is driven to meet targets, and a team player
IT Executive : (Job ID: 2665)
  • Responsible for overseeing and handling network configuration, Servers, set up periodic scheduled back up·
  • Responsible for smooth functioning of the PMS, point of sale, other modules like MMS, accounts etc. and provide support for any issues that may arise.
  • Trouble shoot by way of remote access.
  • Familiar with working and setting up Call Centre operations, call workflows, App based dialers, reports and MIS.
  • Set up and maintain all VPN connections for remote accessing the system at a location.
  • Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software problems.
  • Should be capable of doing Root Cause Analysis on a problem.
  • Must know the Network fundamentals, general network setup and device configuration.
  • Good knowledge of server hardware, Disk storage technology, I/O devices. Skilled in usage of system level profiling tools and network monitoring systems to aid in application performance profiling.
  • Knowledge of network infrastructure, including CAT5/6 cabling, wireless networks, network switches, WAN/LAN, domain controller, Active Directory, firewall and VPN applications.
  • Proficient with provisioning MySQL instances and data migration.
  • Ensure performance, security, and availability of databases.
  • Prepare documentations and specifications.
  • Handle common database procedures, such as upgrade, backup, recovery, migration, etc.
  • Background in highly available systems and image capture/management systems.
  • Extensive knowledge on Active Directory, Management and Implementations.
  • Prepare & Implement Preventive Maintenance Schedule for all IT hardware & Software.
  • Manage leadership in the establishment of project scope, technical strategy, cost, budget and staff support requirements with new IT initiatives.
  • Prepare Policy & Procedures for the IT Department and for the user department.
  • Managing Disaster Recovery Process and ensuring regular daily backup is taken.
  • Antivirus setup and day to day support.
  • Able to plan, assign and take the report from the IT team.
  • Maintains a system error / progress logbook and deals with reported problems.
  • Responsible to ensure that IT Audit points are implemented as per relevant Standard operating Procedures.
  • Monitors and maintains proper inventory of hardware and software license. Is aware of IT Security Policies and ensures implementation through regular staff training.
Web Developer : (Job ID: 3850)

A web developer makes and maintains websites. They are in charge of a site’s overall look and feel. Web developers also handle the technical aspects of a website.

  • Strong knowledge of WordPress Platform
  • Developing and providing maintenance support for WordPress sites
  • Developing custom themes and plugins
  • Migrating websites from other platforms to WordPress
  • Integrating and setting up plugins like WPML, WooCommerce, Membership, etc.
  • Optimizing page speed of WordPress sites
  • Implementing SEO/CRO best practices in WordPress sites
  • Transforming complex PSD layouts into pixel-perfect presentation layer HTML5/CSS3 templates
  • Creating responsive website designs
  • Expertise in WordPress Custom Theme Development and Plugin Development
  • Expertise in WP Plugin Integration (WooCommerce, WPML, Membership plugins etc)
  • Should understand how to make WordPress manageable from admin panel
  • Understands WP architecture and knows how to perform database and code optimization for WordPress • Expertise in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
  • Proficiency in PHP/MYSQL and AJAX
  • The ability to work on LAMP development environment
  • A thorough understanding of cross-browser compatibility issues
  • Strong understanding of responsive web design techniques
  • Understanding of W3C Web Standards/Semantics and Accessibility Guidelines
  • An ability to work on multiple projects and tasks at the same time
  • Great attention to detail, highly organized
  • A positive and upbeat attitude with the ability to learn quickly
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in WordPress Development
  • Experience with BigCommerce, Magento, and Shopify (preferred)
  • Experience with ReactJS/AngularJS (preferred)
Procurement Executive : (Job ID: 3988)

Responsible for sourcing and procuring goods and services, negotiating contracts with suppliers, and ensuring cost-effective and timely delivery while maintaining quality standards. 

  • Research potential vendors.
  • Compare and evaluate suppliers.
  • Negotiate contract terms and pricing.
  • Track orders and ensure timely delivery.
  • Release Pre- ops orders and track deliveries.
  • Ensure timely payment to all vendors.
  • Review quality of purchased products/services.
  • Maintain updated records of purchased products, delivery information and invoices.
  • Prepare reports on purchases, including cost analyses and spent analysis.
  • Coordinate with units and ensure their problems are solved on time.
  • Keep self-updated with new trends and latest updates of the market.
Senior Architect : (Job ID: 3943)

To lead the assigned Project Design Team and manage the design and technical aspects throughout the design life of the project, ensuring timeliness, quality and adherence to the client and contract requirements.

  • Organize, distribute and monitor the work Progress among the project team.
  • Coordinate with the project Coordinator for End User input/ comments and incorporation of their requirements.
  • Ensure that the project Team Members understand their scope fully on the project and perform within its set boundaries.
  • Perform review of design submittals and ensure compliance with project requirements and contracted scope of services
  • Ensure timely completion of Review Work within the stipulated time Frame.
  • Review and compile the Design Review comments provided by the different Design Reviewers.
  • Coordinate with other disciple engineers within the project team in reviewing / finalizing on going activities.
  • Ensure that all designs are in line with the Client’s requirements and expectations.
  • Ensure that the design meets the Contract Scope of Services |
  • Ensure that the overall design program is met.
  • Implement approved design changes following set procedures.
  • Ensure adequate design coordination is carried out by both the Design Consultant(s) and the Design Review Team.
  • Orchestrate Design Technical Workshops in coordination with project team and with the Consultant as required .
  • Attend all weekly consultants’ meetings and internal project review meetings.
  • Provide regular updates to the principal architect on all issues of the Project including Progress, Status, Quality and problems as encountered.
  • Be proactive and raise concerns to management for all potential risks, delays, technical Issues and solve them in order to avoid any probable delays.
  • Participate in special committees (e.g. tender evaluation, construction follow up, handover, etc…).as required and advised by Projects VP
  • Assess and report the design and technical performance of Design Consultant and make a summary Report at the end of all Design stages
  • Prepare a Register of Lessons Learned and share it with the principal Architect for implementing in all other projects in Progress or Future Projects. Experience and qualifications required Knowledge and Experience Technical/ professional / post graduate qualification in Architecture with over 10 years design experience or graduate with over 12years design experience working in a reputed organization.
  • Specific Work experience in design and design development of hospitality projects such as resorts /3 Star /5 star hotels
  • Relevant experience in design and design development of projects with emphasis on sustainability.  

For The Tamara Coorg

HR Manager

HR is the go-to person for all employee-related issues. This means that your duties will involve managing activities such as job design, recruitment.


  • Assist with day to day operations of the HR functions and duties.
  • Provide clerical and administrative support to Corporate Human Resource Manager.
  • Compile and update employee records (hard to soft copies).
  • Process documentation and prepare reports relating to personal activities (staffing, recruitment, training, grievances, performance evaluations etc.).
  • Coordinate HR on requirements (meetings, training, surveys etc.) and take minutes.
  • Handle the employee requests regarding human resource issues, rules, and regulations.
  • Assist in payroll preparation by providing relevant data.
  • Communicate with public services when necessary.
  • Properly handle complaints and grievances procedures.
  • Conduct induction to newly hired employees.
  • Allocate and handle staff dormitories and accommodation.
  • Schedule and monitor the staff transportation

For The Tamara Kodaikanal

Income Auditor : (Job ID: 1128)

The main objective of the Income auditor is to verify, analyze, and protect revenue leakages. The Income auditor is responsible to maintain sufficient control systems on the entire operational process to ensure completeness.

  • To Ensure Two Lakh cash cannot be received in one folio or one banquet – including sharer in one room.
  • To Ensure not to post the bills after day end at POS and before day end of PMS.
  • Day end process should be such, as proper communication between DM and POS persons.
  • Check Front office allowances are as per PMS System report with its base documents specifying the reasons.
  • Room on Hold: -PMS room report to be reviewed. Bills on hold in PMS System not beyond permitted time period (7 days).
  • No Shows or Retention charged as per policy • Manual or Negative posting for allowances.
  • Manual Posting of Revenue :- Document explanation for manual posting of revenue.
  • House Status and Key Register Discrepancy Report has been prepared and ratified by the FO and later rechecked by the NA for unresolved discrepancy.
  • Key Checks:- Key counting at night by authorized person other than FO with the respective no of rooms checked in.
  • Passwords : Passwords are changed periodically, password expiry date set-up.
  • Restricted Access Right :- Supervisory rights are restricted to HODs/senior staffs.
  • Verification of Late Departure of report with approval.
  • Checking of Early Check out / Check in Report • Checking of Cancelation Report.
  • Verification of Complementary report with proper approval.
  • Verification of Rate Variance Report / N.C documents with proper approval.
  • Verification of High value balance in Guest Ledger.
  • Verification of C- Form report.
  • Verification of Upgradation Report / Cash and Paid Reports.
  • Verification of all Food and Beverage discounted / complimentary checks are justified, properly recorded into POS system.
  • Verification of GST Tax rate / B to B invoice instructions.
  • Verification of Bills settlement with mode of Payment : Credit card / Net Banking & Cash.
  • Organize, secure, and maintain all confidential files and records.
  • Prepare credit card reconciliation on books and in bank.
  • Prepare and Submit discrepancy report on daily on or before
Duty Manager  : (Job ID: 3685)

Primarily responsible to ensure that Front Office shifts are running efficiently, providing outstanding guest service, assisting all Front Office staff and maintaining a calm, professional environment at all times. 

  • Supervises and assign duty roster for F/O team, Concierge, Bell Counter, Guest Relations and Business Centre. Responsible for VIP movement in the Hotel. Key Accountabilities/Duties & Responsibilities.
  • Greets the VIP guests of the hotel. As directed by the Front office Manager, Performs special services for VIP Guest’s.
  • Assists in VIP’s arrival departure in absence of guest relation officers.
  • Checks cleanliness of lobby and public areas, lights and as well as front office staff in proper and orderly appearance and behavior
  • Checks on registration cards of arriving guests and ensures all information should be filled on each cards either by Guest Relation Officers or the guests.
  • Assists in sending guest messages or faxes.
  • Gives the instructions to the Night Reception, during the high occupancy periods, regarding: walk-in guests and release room blocked because of no- shows.
  • Assists in handling room lock problems.
  • Prepares and checks for VIP’s arrival and escorts guests to rooms.
  • Co-ordinates with all departments concerned in order to maintain Front Office functions properly.
  • Operates the front office computer system in order to assist front office attendants.
  • Checks group department, fit and ensure switchboard makes appropriate wake up calls.
  • Handles guest complaints and other related problems and reports on the Assistant Manager’s log book.
  • Assists reception, business center, cashier, concierge and bell captain during they are busy.
  • Answers guests inquires, handles complaints and attend to the needs of the guests.
  • Approves and sign for allowances, rebates etc., as required by Front Office Cashier.
  • Authorizes charges to be made for late departures and/or compliments on them.
  • Promotes and maintains good public relations.
  • Motivates and maintains good staff relations.
  • Maintains and be guided of hotel policy on credit/lost and found hotel guests properties.
  • Follows up in credit check report, liaise with credit manager.
  • To responsible for front office operation during the absence of Front Office Manager (HO).
  • To discuss all matters that needed to follow up with the next shift Reception Manager.
  • Approves he working schedule for the front office attendants and submits them to front office manager (HO).
  • Conducts and ensures the neat of appearance of front office attendant as well as correct attitude and behavior, discusses problems that encountered on this point with front office manager, assistant front office manager and their shift leaders.
  • Assigns and Approves Duty roster for all Front desk staffs.
  • Provide other duties and services as assign by Front Office Manager.
  • Responsible for adherence to the Food Safety and Cov-Safe Hygiene Standards.
Assistant Manager - IT 

An AM – Information technology helps to install, operate, and maintain computer networks and communication systems in the organisation. 

  • Responsible for installing, supporting, and maintaining computer systems, configuring software, hardware and networks. Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues. Ensuring security and efficiency of IT infrastructure.
  • Responsible for project management for new greenfield projects, renovations and refurbishments.
  • Responsible for installing and set up of LAN, Internet, Telephone system, Wi-Fi networks, Property Management Systems, Point of Sale, IPTV, call Centre Telephony systems and other software vendors.
  • Ability to define business requirements in accordance to the size of the project, facikities and in sync with the Tamara standard.
  • Responsible for coordination with the Architect / IT Consultant and derive network diagrams, determine passive network, active components and the network therafter.
  • Planning and execution of works as per client requirement, GFC drawings.
  • Supervising works and staff of contractors at site for timely completion of works.
  • Must be able to prepare timelines, set milestones and review progress and report to senior management on work progress.
  • Responsible for overseeing and handling network configuration, Servers, Networking equipment, PABX, email accounts, and also support for the underlying server/desktop infrastructure.
  • Should be capable of doing Root Cause Analysis on a problem.
  • Must know the Network fundamentals, general network setup and device configuration.
  • Skilled in usage of system level profiling tools and network monitoring systems to aid in application performance profiling.
  • Knowledge of network infrastructure, including CAT5/6 cabling, wireless networks, network switches, WAN/LAN, domain controller, Active Directory, firewall and VPN applications.
  • Background in highly available systems and image capture/management systems.
  • Extensive knowledge on Active Directory, Management and Implementations.
  • Prepare & Implement Preventive Maintenance Schedule for all IT hardware & Software.
  • Manage leadership in the establishment of project scope, technical strategy, cost, budget and staff support requirements with new IT initiatives.
  • Prepare Policy & Procedures for the IT Department and for the user department.
  • Managing Disaster Recovery Process and ensuring regular daily backup is taken.
  • Antivirus setup and day to day support. • Able to plan, assign and take the report from the IT team.
  • Identifies and implements solutions to user challenges and concerns associated with the use of personal computer equipment.
  • Ensure that policies and procedure relating to PCI compliance are updated.
  • Maintains a system error / progress logbook and deals with reported problems.
  • Responsible to ensure that IT Audit points are implemented as per relevant Standard operating Procedures.
  • Monitors and maintains proper inventory of hardware and software license.
  • Is aware of IT Security Policies and ensures implementation through regular staff training.
  • Keep updated with latest hotel technology and security risks on a regular basis.
  • Able to perform other IT or Systems related task assigned by the management.

For O by Tamara Coimbatore

Assistant Manager - Sales : (Job ID: 3684)

Achieving Budgeted revenue, ARR, & room nights. Managing all Group bookings from Corporates and Travel Agents Meeting and developing a business relationship with all Corporate.

  • Maintains quality service by establishing and enforcing organization standards.
  • Must act as a bridge between the company and its clients.
  • Adhering to all policies of The Tamara and briefing corporates about it.
  • Make sure the payments been collected at the time of booking.
  • Develop Business for TTC, TTK, OBT, and other hotels of The Tamara.
  • Define guest requirements and ensures that the guest services offered is effective to their requests.
  • Establishing the Tamara as a niche group travel destination covering all the Business zone in Bangalore by sales calling.
  • Negotiates prices with all MICE.
  • Ensures that all complaints are reviewed, investigated and follow-up action is initiated.
  • Meeting up with decision makers in corporate companies and Travel agents.
  • Maintains and ensures the smooth-running operation with all travel agents. 
Assistant Manager - Quality  : (Job ID: 3454)

The Assistant Manager – Quality will be responsible for ensuring that all aspects of our operations meet or exceed our established quality standards.

  • Quality Assessment: Develop and implement a comprehensive quality assurance program to maintain and improve the resort’s five-star standards.
  • Conduct regular quality audits and inspections across all resort operations, including guest rooms, dining, spa, recreational facilities, and more.
  • Ensure adherence to brand standards, policies, and procedures.
  • Guest Feedback Analysis:
  • Monitor guest feedback and satisfaction scores through surveys, reviews, and direct communication.
  • Identify areas for improvement and work with department heads to implement corrective actions.
  • Address and resolve guest complaints and concerns promptly and professionally.
  • Quality Training:
  • Develop and deliver training programs for staff to ensure they understand and can consistently meet quality standards.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support to departments to maintain consistent service quality.
  • Foster a culture of continuous improvement and excellence.
  • Process Improvement:
  • Collaborate with department heads to identify inefficiencies and recommend process improvements to enhance quality and operational efficiency.
  • Compliance: Ensure that all departments comply with health and safety regulations, industry standards, and company policies.
  • Quality Reporting: Prepare regular reports on quality performance metrics and present findings to management for decision-making.
  • Collect and analyze data related to guest satisfaction, service delivery, and operational performance.
  • Generate reports and present findings to resort leadership with actionable recommendations for improvement.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Monitor customer satisfaction scores and work with teams to continuously enhance guest experiences.
  • Supplier Evaluation: Assess the quality of goods and services provided by external suppliers and vendors.
  • Emergency Preparedness: Assist in developing and implementing emergency response plans to ensure the safety and well-being of guests and staff.
  • Continuous Improvement: Stay updated on industry trends and best practices in quality management and apply them to our operations.
  • Ensure that the resort complies with all relevant quality and safety standards.
Assistant Banquet Manager  : (Job ID: 3740)

Responsible for the management of all aspects of the Banquet functions, in accordance with the hotel standards. Direct, implements and maintains a service and management philosophy which serves as a guide to respective staff. 

  • Responsible to maintain hotel’s standards, policies and procedures
  • Responsible to prioritize, organize and delegate work assignments
  • Responsible to Directs performance of all Banquet staff & follows up with corrections immediately
  • Responsible to Motivate Banquet staff as a cohesive unit at all times
  • Responsible to Continuously promotes positive work relationship with kitchen, Events staff & other departments
  • Responsible to Ascertain staff training needs & provides such training to the fullest and consistent levels
  • Responsible to Think clearly, analyses & resolves challenges and obstacles, exercising good judgement
  • Responsible to Consistently performing job functions with attention to detail, speed and accuracy
  • Responsible to Co-coordinating precisely his departmental needs with other departments & F & B office
  • Responsible to Maintain cleanliness and uncompromising level of hygiene standards
  • Responsible to run the restaurant operation smoothly, in all aspects
  • Responsible to Reviewing standards regularly & recommends high-class alternatives accordingly
  • Responsible to Strengthening physical visibility in the restaurant at all times especially during prime hours
  • Responsible to Interacting with guests & inquires that guest contentment levels are in compliance with well-established standards

For O by Tamara Trivandrum

Revenue Manager : (Job ID: 3428)

Revenue Manager to work closely with sales team, front office employees and at the areas of promotions, business planning and reservation costs. They should conduct analyses of prices offered by other hotels to develop competitive prices.

  • Provide data on business picked up on a daily, weekly and monthly basis via the Daily Flash.
  • The pick up report should include variance from budgets and forecast and such information should be communicated with the Head of Sales , Reservations and key operating departments.
  • Produce an accurate room night and revenue forecast for respective hotel each week for a rolling 3 months period.
  • Prepare and present all relevant information at a weekly or bi-monthly Revenue Meeting and ensure all agreed actions are carried through.
  • Based on the forecast, to ensure an effective selling strategy which is set and reviewed for a minimum twelve-month horizon in the future taking into account changing market conditions.
  • To assist Head of Sales with setting of the annual pricing strategy which covers analytics of top accounts by revenues, ADR , setting up of pricing matrices for corporate and leisure accounts, setting of RFP rate scales, creation of Gold List for priority GDS accounts.
  • To monitor and quote for RFP rate negotiations and assist unit sales team with building a business case.
  • To ensure that all revenue distribution systems (Synexis, Lanyon, etc ) are kept up to date with all relevant Hotel information.
  • To provide competitor intelligence on pricing, RevPAR Index, GDS penetration, OTA booking insights, Trip Advisor ratings Vs. comp set ; through effective usage of Travel Click, STR, OTA Extranet reports.
  • To stimulate business in low demand periods through packages and promotions. Provide analytics on production and customer insights against such promotions.
  • Approve and/or implement group sell strategies for all group bookings above 9 rooms on any one night, and collaborate with the Head of Sales in setting group rates.
  • To manage all channels ( Hotel Reservations, GDS, Internet direct and indirect) and set targets for each.
  • To ensure compliance to Rate Parity across channels and OTA distributors in compliance with standards and rules.
  • To provide input to the annual budget process for the Head of Sales.
  • To conduct quarterly Revenue Scorecard Reviews for the hotel and present the report to Head of Sales.
  • To provide technical support to Reservations and Front Office on up-selling and negotiating techniques.
  • Assisting Catering Team with Banquet pricing and Banquet Revenue maximization.
  • Excellent Communications.
  • Hands on knowledge of Revenue Management. 

For Lilac Hotels, Kumbakonam

Hotel Manager : (Job ID: 3683)

The Hotel Manager will be responsible for ramping up top line revenues for rooms and food & beverage outlets to peak levels through sales initiatives and revenue management. He / She should be an ambassador for the brand and the hotel.

  • The Hotel Manager should have an excellent track record of successfully managing and leading a team to sustained high levels of service.
  • Responsible for managing the Hotels management team (HOD’s) and overall hotel targets to deliver an excellent Guest experience.
  • A Hotel Manager would also be required to manage between profitability and guest satisfaction measures.
  • Oversee all aspects of operations by exercising demonstrated knowledge and experience in all phases of hotel management, including sales and marketing, food and beverage, revenue management and the rooms division.
  • Ensure full compliance to hotel operating controls, SOPs, policies, procedures and service standards.
  • Provide the vision, leadership and strategy to inspire your associates to deliver exceptional service to drive financial success.
  • Work with hotel department heads to establish goals and objectives that coordinate with the overall organisations goals and objectives.
  • Enable innovation and drive results by executing sales and marketing campaigns, understanding dynamic revenue management and driving profit to the bottom line through strong financial controls.
  • Evaluates changes to the guest’s needs, the hotel’s guest mix and competitive trends to recommend appropriate products/services and operational changes to ensure guest and employee satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate and promote teamwork among all management and staff while creating an environment in which all associates reach their full potential.
  • Follow property safety and security procedures, liaise with local government officials to ensure Hotel operating safely and legally.
  • Assists with procurement of operating supplies for all departments and contracting with third-party vendors for essential equipment and services.
  • Complete necessary financial audits.
  • Establishes and maintains applicable preventive maintenance programs to protect the physical assets of the hotel.
  • Inspect the property for organization and cleanliness.
  • Resolve whenever possible and communicate larger issues or anything that might impact the long-term viability of the property to the CEO.
  • Learn all relevant systems, including the GPM, PMS, all HR and Accounting tools, guest communication tools, and be ready to train your team.
  • Lead all key property issues including capital projects, customer service and refurbishment.
  • Responsible for the preparation, presentation and subsequent achievement of the hotel’s annual Operating Budget, Marketing & Sales Plan and Capital Budget.
  • Developing improvement actions, carry out costs savings.
  • A strong understanding of P&L statements and the ability to react with impactful strategies.
  • Closely monitor the hotels business reports on a daily basis and take decisions accordingly.
  • Ensure that monthly financial outlooks for Rooms, Food & Beverage, Admin & General, on target and accurate.
  • Maximizing room yield and hotels / resort revenue through innovative sales practices and yield management programs.
  • Manage and develop the Hotel Executive team to ensure career progression and development.
  • Be accountable for responsibilities of department heads and take ownership of all guest complaints.
  • Respond to audits to ensure continual improvement is achieved.
  • Corporate client handling and take part in new client acquisition along with the sales team whenever required.
  • Responsible for adherence to the Food Safety and Cov-Safe Hygiene Standards. 
Assistant HR Manager : (Job ID: 3704)

Coordinate and work closely with the leadership team to drive HR and culture interventions to dial up organization effectiveness. This includes working on innovative people solutions around employee experience, goal setting, talent development.

  • Drive engagement initiatives like – HR Buddy / mentoring program, Voice of Employee, Round tables, R&R etc.
  • Implement employee surveys and questionnaires, partner with the leadership team in analysis and action planning based on survey results.
  • Implement new policies, procedures and programs in support of Business.
  • Partner w/ business on organizational design, succession planning, and skills assessment and development.
  • Partner with business leaders and other support functions to maintain a highly motivated and engaged workforce.
  • Partner with the business to lead annual performance, feedback and talent development.
  • Responsible for on boarding and partnering with the recruitment team in hiring associates based on business forecasts.
  • Responsible for statutory compliance, labor compliance, visiting labor office if the need arises.
  • Be the first point of contact for all employee grievances and partner with the leadership team in conducting necessary investigations.
Materials Executive : (Job ID: 3751)

The overall scope of this role is to coordinate all operations of the Purchasing, Receiving and Storeroom Department. 

  • Monitor vendors for quality, service and price through standard purchasing specifications.
  • Obtain competitive quotations for hotel requirements and ensure that the best product is sourced and purchased.
  • Calls for quotations for any items costing more than a certain amount (As per company policy) and inquire into prices from various suppliers.
  • Sourcing of Vendors and Establish contracts to ensure reduced pricing for all operating areas of the hotel following the set process
  • Coordinate and Receive market list from the Executive Chef on a daily basis and arranges for delivery of those items daily.
  • Ensures that all authorised or approved purchase orders are sent to their respective suppliers/vendors for delivery purposes on a daily basis.
  • Ensures & verifies that quotations are regularly updated and suppliers new current price lists are maintained.
  • Supports efficient operation of the Purchasing Department in all aspects.
  • Research and identify new products and services for the hotel in the market.
  • Checks, explain if needed and approves delivered items discrepancy report issued by cost control regarding price and quantity order variances.
  • Verify the ‘pending orders’ report on a daily basis, and all pending orders are checked and verified regularly.
  • On a daily basis prepare the list of to be cancelled orders and sent to accounts for deletion, with appropriate reasons.
  • Issues regularly slow moving item lists. Responsible for monitoring slow moving and dead stock as well as keeping the stock levels in accordance with operational needs.
  • Identifies items for standing orders utilising vendor’s logistics for regular deliveries to the hotel based on approved highly consumed items.
  • Ensures validity of items available, force issue obsolete items and follows up on action taken for disposal.
  • Verifies that all documentation and proper quotations are maintained and filed according to Policy and Procedure requirements.
  • Approves all storeroom re-order requests, verifying quantities within the established Min/Max stock levels.
  • Responsible for all purchasing functions, quotations, quality and availability.
  • Responsible for physical control of all store items until issued, fully documented under strict control procedures (key control, timing schedule, authorised issue requests).
  • Responsible for maintaining logical storeroom inventory levels operationally needed.
  • Spot checks storeroom requests if properly maintained, verifies quantity requested and issued, proper items received by signatories & ID availability.
  • Spot-checks entered system quotations, period validity quotes locked by, etc.
  • Ensures that the suppliers follow the rules relating to the hygiene of goods delivered.
  • Keeps all records in a way that they can be checked at any time for information or audit purposes.
  • Liaison with the Materials Manager, Purchasing Coordinator, Receiving Agent, Stores Team leader and F&B Cost Controller
  • Maintains all documents, files and listings up-to-date and performs his duties in the most efficient manner.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all areas under Materials are secure, organized and clean.
  • Willing to work a flexible schedule in order to accomplish all major responsibilities and tasks.
Assistant Manager - Engineering & Maintenance  : (Job ID: 3752)

As an Asst. Manager for the engineering department, would be assisting the Chief Engineer or General Manager on his day to day activities, Responsible for the proper operation and maintenance of all machinery, equipment and engineering facilities.

  • Key Accountabilities/Duties & Responsibilities: Responsibilities and duties for this position shall include, but not limited to the following areas and activities. At management discretion, direction may be given for tasks outside the scope of work described. Operations and Administration of the Maintenance Department.
  • To assist the chief engineer / General Manager in the day to day work and oversee the preventive maintenance of all equipment.
  • Familiar and complies with the hotels mission and standards in performing maintenance activities.
  • To assume all the responsibilities and authority of the chief engineer in his absence.
  • To take regular training classes for Engineers and Staff.
  • To check all log books daily and take corrective measures accordingly.
  • Respond to guest’s maintenance needs promptly and ensure guests receive professional, efficient prompt and courteous service to hotel standards.
  • To keep Chief Engineer / General Manager informed of all the activities and incidence in the Engineering Department.
  • To coordinate with the outside agencies or vendors for repair and maintenance work.
  • To check the quality of engineering goods procured by the organization.
  • To obtain a thorough knowledge of firefighting appliances.
  • Able to represent engineering department on HOD meeting during the absence of Chief engineer
  • Able to take decisions in order to ensure successful operation.
  • Able to respond to emergencies in a timely manner.
  • Able to effectively perform vendor management.
  • Able to make quotation finalization.
  • Monitor and record utility consumption and assist the Chief Engineer to maintain efficiency.
  • Maintain history card for all the plant equipment.
  • Provide supervision and leadership to colleagues within his/her area of the Technical Services Department.
  • Daily coordination of the Technical services department in his/her area of responsibility.
  • Advise on the duty roster for his/her area of responsibility.
  • Should have good knowledge of Capex and Opex item.
  • Prepare reports, maintain inventories, and keep accurate records, order equipment and supplies.
  • Ensure correct maintenance of all equipment in conjunction with the other user departments.
  • Closely works with Housekeeping team in Room Periodic Maintenance
  • Stay abreast with the technological advances in surveillance & safety of equipment.
  • Ensure that Operational problems are promptly brought to the attention of the Technical Supervisor.
  • Ensure maintenance staff is wearing proper uniforms with name tag and upholds hotels grooming and hygiene standards.
  • At regular intervals, inspect the working condition of equipment and engineering systems and ensure that all standards are maintained.
  • Responsible for quality service, meeting/exceeding financial goals, short and long term planning and day-to-day operations
  • Any other job or duties assigned by the management as and when required.
Accomodation Manager

As an accommodation manager, you’ll be responsible for the efficient running of your establishment. This includes ensuring standards of cleanliness and maintenance are upheld, budgets are controlled and any problems are quickly rectified. You must also make sure your staff are well trained and managed.

  • Ensure the smooth running of accommodation facilities, including the safety and wellbeing of guests, tenants and residents
  • develop and build positive relationships with residents, tenants and guests
  • control a budget and finances, manage stock levels and order supplies
  • communicate with reception services to coordinate and plan the allocation of accommodation
  • liaise with other departments within the organisation, such as catering for conferences, and relevant external agencies
  • arrange repairs and maintenance of the facilities
  • inspect the accommodation to ensure that hygiene and health and safety regulations are met, carrying out risk assessments as necessary
  • supervise the work of cleaning staff and ensure standards are maintained
  • make sure adequate security for the building is provided
  • get involved in the building and refurbishment of residential accommodation.
Executive Sous Chef

The Executive Sous Chef is responsible to assist the Executive Chef for overall kitchen operation as a successful independent profit center, ensuring maximum guest satisfaction, through planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the Kitchen operations.

  • Interacts with guests to obtain feedback on product quality and service levels. Responds to and handles guest problems and complaints.
  • Able to make recommendations to the Executive Chef regarding succession planning. To be aware of all financial budgets and goals. To ensure that guests are always receiving an exceptional dining experience representing true value for money.
  • Ensure that all recipes and product yields are accurately costed and reviewed regularly. Ensure that all food items are prepared as per standard recipe cards whilst maintaining portion control and minimizing waste. Ensure that food stock levels within the culinary department areas are of sufficient quantity and quality in relevance to the hotel occupancy and function forecasts.
  • Ensure that associate meals and associate dining services are of a consistently high standard.
  • Ensure that chefs are always in clean tidy uniforms and are always presentable to be in guest view.
  • Ensure that all food preparation equipment is being used safety and correctly and that it is cleaned and maintained.
  • Ensure that all culinary operations manuals are prepared and updated.
  • Ensure that the Department’s overall operational budgets are strictly adhered too.
  • Ensure that the culinary department adheres to all company and hotel policies and procedures.
  • Ensure that a consistent first class product of the highest quality is achieved and maintained in all culinary areas, whilst adhering to operational deadlines.
  • Ensure that meetings are well planned and results-orientated. Creative menu planning and correct food preparation for each outlets including banquets. To work in close conjunction with the Food and Beverage Manager and respective & teams, to create a yearly marketing Plan for the outlet.
  • Ensure that all relevant banquet set-ups are prepared ahead of guest’s arrival and in adherence with hotel standards. Be aware of new items, which are introduced onto the market and keep up with the lasted product trends.
  • To fully understand the market needs and desires for each outlet and ensure that the menus are developed to reflect those needs. To initiate relevant maintenance reports and work orders supported by the respective follow up of those items actioned.
  • To manage associates fairly and take a personal interest in knowing all culinary associates. To project a positive and motivated attitude among-st all associates.
  • To spend time in the restaurant to ensure that the operation is managed well by the outlet team. To frequently verify that only the highest quality products are used in food preparation.
  • To Ensure that all food products received into the hotel are of the required standard and quality and that they are stored and rotated correctly. Responsible for the supervision of all stewards and their activities within the culinary department.
  • Ensure that weekly work schedules and annual leave planners are administered and filed correctly. Ensure that the overall culinary department is motivated and that positive feedback on work performance is given.
  • To delegate responsibilities to subordinates as required. Coach and counsel employees in a timely manner and in accordance with Company policy. To act as manager on duty for the hotel as scheduled.
  • To recruit and select a suitable culinary team who are able to work within a decentralized management philosophy.
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and provide timely feedback to the individual. Prerequisites: Fair and firm management abilities with high influencing skills.
  • Strong administration skills. Creative and innovative. Strong knowledge of food and beverage. Hands-on approach to all operational aspects. Excellent communication skills and computer skills. Initiative and Self-motivated. Ideal training and coaching skills.