Responsible & Memorable Hospitality

When we call ourselves a responsible brand, it is not a term we use lightly. To truly call ourselves a responsible business, a commitment to sustainability was applied to all key factors of running an organisation the right way – in a manner that protects our most precious resources.

Protecting the Only Home we Have.
Through excavation, architecture, landscaping, sourcing material and construction, care is taken to minimise impact on the planet.

Reducing Wastage at Every Stage
Systems are set up to manage and monitor water, energy, and waste at every property to constantly ensure efficient use and re-use of precious resources.

Growing Along with Local Communities
Hiring from local communities, preserving their practices, and drawing from their expertise, we pride ourselves in growing along with those we share space with.

We Value Our People
Tamara Leisure Experiences is proud of corporate culture that is built on teamwork, mutual respect, and integrity for all.

Sustainable Practices

At Tamara Leisure Experiences, we walk our talk. In addition to assessing impact, planning implementation, and setting up properties in a way that minimises interference with natural and endemic environments, it is important to constantly assess and monitor quantitative results and ensure that we are always taking positive steps forward.

Informed by the United Nations’ global standards, we address key Sustainable Development Goals in the design and nurturing of responsible practices.

Zero Poverty

When a TLE property is set up, we make sure that a significant portion of hiring comes out of local communities. This helps us maintain a strong relationship with the region and promote employment for those who may need it.

50% of TLE property employees come from local communities.
87% of our employees are directly on company rolls.

Zero Hunger

TLE properties keep a close check on the generation of food waste. Concerted efforts are made to reduce waste generation, and the unavoidable organic waste is both used and donated as compost.

Generated and Donated Compost: ~14,820 kg and counting.
Regular measurement, monitoring, and analysis of food waste generation to identify gaps and design methods to reduce wastage.

Good Health and Well Being

At TLE, our utmost priority is the health and well-being of both guests and staff. We go to ensure this in many ways, including assured individual and family health insurance for staff, and organising medical camps for labourers during construction.

Use of organic and pesticide-free products wherever possible.
80% of products in all minibars are organic.
Health insurance for all employees and their immediate families.

Quality Education

The founders of TLE are deeply committed to investing in the future. Through both philanthropic and direct engagement with educational and vocational training, a contribution to meaningful, quality education is being sustained.

Annual sponsoring of education for children from the local community.
Supporting sports events at local schools.

Gender Equality

As we strive to be an organisation that treats its people with fairness and equality, special efforts are made to ensure that there is absolutely no discrimination on the basis of gender.

Efforts to achieve an equal male-female ratio among employees.
Policies to ensure women’s safety.
Equitable and fair practices across our organisation.

Clean Water and Sanitation

Water is an aspect of sustainability that has received concerted assessment, building of infrastructure, and close monitoring at all TLE properties to ensure, self-sustained cleaning, management, and reduction of waste.

Rainwater harvesting infrastructure has been set up (90 L and 35 L capacity) in 2 properties.
100% of water is managed and reused at in-house STP & ETP facilities.
At The Tamara Coorg: ~40 acres of land is kept as untouched forest to maintain the water table and surrounding ecosystem.
At The Tamara Kodai: 1.5 acres of land is maintained as Open Reserved Space for plants, trees, and organic farming.

Affordable and Clean Energy

Responsible consumption of clean energy is a concerted and constant effort at all TLE properties.

LED and energy-efficient heat pumps to reduce energy consumption.
Investment in solar and wood-fired water heating systems

Responsible Production and Consumption

In an industry where production and consumption are an everyday affair, TLE properties remain mindful of monitoring waste generation and management on a regular basis.

100% of dry waste is delivered to Pollution Control Board Approved recycling centres.
Several measures to minimise plastic use and make TLE properties plastic-free zones.